HyperDrive Kickstarter 7-in-2 - Grey

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155,000 MMK

HDMI, Micro SD, SD, Thunderbolt 3, USB-A, USB-C PD

Gigabit Ethernet

High-Resolution 4K HDMI
Experience crystal clear 4K HDMI video on compatible 4K monitors for brilliant high-resolution display. Requires a direct HDMI to HDMI connection

High-Speed USB-C
HyperDrive delivers the fastest USB-C capable of 40Gbps data transfer, 5K video output, and 100W power delivery, all at the same time

Dual USB-C Data & Power Delivery

Convenient Expansion Ports
Additional 5Gbps USB-C, two USB-A 3.0 ports, microSD and SD memory card slots for quick data transfer. Apple SuperDrive not supported and connect 1 hard drive at a time.

MacBook Matching Design
Precision milled aluminum enclosure, available in Space Gray and Silver, with the same color, appearance and design lines as the MacBook Pro/Air

Compatible Devices
2016/2017/2018/2019 MacBook Pro 2018/2019 MacBook Air Does not support Apple SuperDrive USB ports will not charge an iPad

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